Sunday, September 16, 2018

Foam Chaincase

It will be remember-ed - we few, we happy few, we band of brothers - it will be remember-ed  (no it won't, cos no-one's paying attention and frankly, why should they)  that I built a foam chaincase around my no-maintenance rainbike so I could dose the chain with oil and not worry about it.

Said rainbike started making a whoosh-whooshing noise t'other day and on my return, dripping, I chanced to examine the back tyre and decided, on reflection, that it was probably about time to replace it.

Back tyre. Past its sell-by date

Using the time-honoured method (1) of undoing the LH axle nut only and pulling the frame apart just enough to get the old tyre out and the new one in, I replaced it and found to my annoyance that the chain had come off.  Stuck inside the foam chaincase I couldn't get it back on, so peeling back the foam I discovered that my endeavours had not been entirely successful in keeping the chain oiled and clean and maintenance-free.

So it was an interesting experiment but in the interests of honesty I think we can discard both the chaincase and the idea.  I prefer waxing chains as road dust doesn't stick to wax and a waxed chain lasts longer than oiling it,  but I think this bike can be an exception and since it's made out of old junk and exists solely so I can get my daily exercise even in inclement weather, we'll oil the chain and live with the need of occasional replacement.

(1) As explained to me by Mr. Knight.

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