Thursday, December 1, 2016

Marahau Hill

Right, here's a test for you. You're on a bike at the top of Marahau Hill. A minibus towing a trailer comes up behind you. The minibus driver, well aware that even a car with no trailer will have to slow down a lot for all the corners,
a) swerves onto the wrong side of the road and hoots for you to get out his way, or

(Clue: a is the correct answer.)

Here's another test for you. You're on a bike coming out of Kaiteri. A woman in a huge 4WD overtakes you going up a hill, stops at the side of the road, gets out and opens her boot. You go past, and she smiles in a cheerful friendly way and says "Hot work!" and gets back in, overtakes you, goes halfway down the next but one hill, stops, and waits till you're hammering down the hill. She then:
a) drives straight out onto the road in front of you so you have to veer onto the wrong side of the road to avoid a crash, or

(Clue: a is again the correct answer.)



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