Sunday, January 31, 2010

eddo kloosterman

Been on hols.

Been to Golden Bay.

But before we went I captured a recumbent cyclist who mistakenly imagined he would get through Motueka without my spies reporting him to me. His name was Eddo Kloosterman and you will immediately deduce that he was Dutch and from that further deduce that he was eight feet seven tall. Why are all Dutchmen oversize? Our children had a Dutch teacher: she was eight feet seven too. In fact you can show me any person on the planet and I will immediately be able to tell you whether they're Dutch or not.

Everything we don't know about recumbents is known to the Dutch, everything; and the reason that we don't know it is because they speak Foreign which has always struck me as a bit of a mistake when anyone, even small children, can learn English. Anyway Eddo Kloosterman's adventures can be found here:
and bless my soul, in perfect English too. Unfortunately this availed me nought because when any tourists arrive I turn into Mr Local Knowall, telling them where to go, what to see, and making up all the bits I don't know which is most of them.

Eddo was riding a high racer. It had 26/26 wheels but it had rear suspension, the pivot being roughly in the centre of the machine so that the front wheel imagines it's on a leading link and the rear wheel imagines it's on a swing arm and that way you remove half your suspension units. I tried to take a picture but could not bring myself to ask him to remove his camping kit so here it is with luggage. My wife has just pointed out how it appears that he has stashed half of a person under the seat, so if anyone spots the upper half of a Dutchman, or perhaps a fairly short hitchhiker, somewhere on the road from Picton, then maybe they could let me know.


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